Frontline Practitioners Network

Transnational European partnership
to improve refugee integration

Improving LEAs and NGOs response to refugees and asylum seekers in Europe

The IN2PREV project aims to enhance LEAs and NGOs’ skills regarding working with refugees and asylum seekers in European host and transit countries to successfully integrate these individuals and prevent their radicalisation.

By providing adequate training, a reliable screening tool, and a mentoring approach for refugees and asylum seekers, LEAs and NGOs’ professionals will receive adequate and tailored guidance on conducting vulnerability risk assessments and facilitating these individuals’ integration.

Together for radicalisation prevention and successful refugee inclusion

This initiative is:

  • Building up an online network for European refugees and asylum seekers’ representatives, frontline practitioners from law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working with refugees
  • Strengthening cooperation and collaboration between the entities
  • Providing relevant and engaging learning materials and resources
  • Promoting multi-level and dynamic activities and events

Main target groups

The IN2PREV Network strives to link key frontline practitioners, namely:

Why should you join our network

Become part of a restricted set of critical actors who work in the refugee and asylum seekers' integration field

Contribute to the debate about the role and needs of LEAs and NGOs’ professionals working with refugees and asylum seekers in European host and/or transit countries towards successful inclusion and radicalisation prevention.

Access relevant and up-to-date learning materials and resources

Have privileged access to an aggregated database of resources and relevant stakeholders. Discover tools and approaches to prevent and identify vulnerability risk factors to the radicalisation of refugees and asylum seekers and facilitate their integration through mentoring.

Take part in the project's events and activities

Participate in online or in-person events throughout the project’s lifespan: debates, training, roundtables, conferences, workshops and more.

Join today

Share knowledge, experiences and expertise with like-minded professionals working with refugees and asylum-seekers